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Elevate your life with premium hemp Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies, vapes, and more.

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At Friendly Hemp, we take pride in creating high quality, hemp-derived products you can trust. Whether you are looking for something calming, nourishing or balancing, our items address an array of needs using the finest full spectrum hemp available. They will quickly become a part of your everyday routine.

We have the highest quality hemp in the industry. Our dedicated team truly believes in the power of nature to instill harmony and balance in our lives, and this shines through in every product we offer.

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Check out our Friendly Brand Ambassadors! Discover their fave products and what Friendly Hemp means to them…you won’t be disappointed.

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Friendly Hemp is all about keeping it chill, staying fresh, and spreading good vibes. That’s why we want to team up with some rad individuals who embody the spirit of our brand…is that you?

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Make a statement without saying a word. It’s time to elevate your wardrobe with some Friendly Hemp merch! All of our designs are bud-inspired and 100% original, so everyone will know you’re an OG fan.

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Welcome to Friendly Hemp, where we offer a wide range of quality hemp products that cater to your every need. From our delicious Friendly Hemp Gummies to our potent Friendly Blend Disposable, we have everything you need to elevate your hemp experience.

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Discover the Magic of Friendly Edibles: Friendly Hemp Gummies

Satisfy your taste buds and enjoy all the benefits of premium hemp with our mouth-watering Friendly Edibles. Our Friendly Hemp Gummies are infused with premium Delta 8 and Delta 9 extracts, offering a perfect balance of taste and efficacy. These gummies are not only delicious, but they also provide an enjoyable and discreet way to consume hemp. Experience the delightful flavors and unmatched quality of our Delta Blend Gummies today.

Elevate Your Vaping Experience with Friendly Hemp Cartridges and Friendly Carts

We offer our premium Friendly Hemp Cartridges to those who enjoy vaping. These cartridges are made with a precise combination of Delta 8 and Delta 9 extracts, creating a pleasant and smooth vaping sensation. Our Friendly Carts are available in multiple different flavors to cater to your taste. We recommend you try them all!

Unwind with Our Convenient, Friendly Blend Disposable

Our Friendly Blend Disposable is the perfect solution if you are searching for a convenient and flexible way to enjoy hemp. It is a sleek, portable device that comes pre-filled with our premium hemp derived ingredients, ideal for use on the go. When it is empty, simply dispose of it.

Live your life with Friendly

Crafted from god-level hemp curated by cultivators, Friendly Hemp extracts preserve the native terpenes and cannabinoids ensuring the most natural vape experience. Great for farmers market strolls, awkward family gatherings, G.O.T. marathons, fishing understanding jazz, laundry day and writing poetry.

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